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Dr. Robin Lozman is a lot of things. A doctor. A mother. A competitive equestrian. A volunteer for nonprofits. But one of her greatest passions comes from her work as an orthodontist: transforming her patients’ smiles. At her family practice in Latham, New York, Dr. Lozman specializes in comprehensive orthodontic treatment for children and adults, from early interventions and orthognathic surgery to braces and Invisalign. Over the course of her career, she’s helped people from all walks of life achieve a brighter, healthier and straighter smile, improving their confidence while maintaining a consistently high standard of care. We spoke to Dr. Lozman to learn more about her work, her hobbies, and how being a mom has been an asset to her practice.


First things first — tell us a little about yourself!
I always knew I wanted to do something positive with my life. I’m from upstate New York and spent a lot of time around horses as a child, so growing up, I thought I would become an equine veterinarian. I was even accepted into vet school, but decided to go into dentistry instead. After graduating from Emory University with my Bachelor of Arts degree, I went to the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, then completed my orthodontic residency at the Eastman Dental Center at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York. Now, I’m an orthodontist and work alongside my father at our family practice, Lozman Orthodontics.

I also received my Master’s in Education at the University of Pennsylvania School of Education. No matter where we’re at in life, I believe continuing education helps us develop new ways of thinking and looking at things. Throughout my career, this has helped me stay at the forefront of innovation and continue to deliver superior orthodontic care.


What are three things everyone should know about you?
I’m a big animal lover. Giving my pets a big hug and kiss every day is what puts a smile on my face.

I’m also an equestrian and ride horses competitively, particularly in hunter/jumper shows. My mom owned horses when she was growing up, so my parents got me started with horseback riding lessons at an early age. Even today, my idea of a perfect day off is going to the stables and spending time with my family, horses and dogs.

I have a strong belief in giving back to the community in which we live. I’m currently on the board of directors at Girls Inc. of the Greater Capital Region and was on the board of directors for many years at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, doing my part to enrich the lives of others!



What life lessons “crossover” between being a parent and leading an orthodontic practice?
The importance of hard work and education is a big one. You need years of school and training to become an orthodontist. You also want your kids to have the opportunity to pursue whatever interests them, whether it’s science, math, literature, or something else entirely. A good education will help them do that.

Planning — careful planning keeps the practice running smoothly, and it also helps you parent more effectively. Life can be unpredictable, so you want to try to be prepared for anything!

You also need care and compassion to be a good parent or doctor. Listen to your kids and try to understand how they are feeling, especially as they get older. This applies to my patients, too. Listening to my patients gives me a better idea of their needs, wants and goals to ensure they’re receiving the treatment that is right for them.

Last but not least, I’d have to say the importance of ongoing laughter. Because whether you’re at home or in the office, what’s life without joy and laughter?


Many of your patients are kids. How does being a parent make the work you do easier and more rewarding?
Being a mom makes it easier for me to relate to kids when they come in for orthodontic care. I also know what to expect because I went through this process with my children. I know a lot of kids are scared of the dentist or orthodontist, but being able to relate to them helps me alleviate their fears and give them a good experience. I’m always impressed by how brave my younger patients are, and I hope that I inspire them as much as they inspire me.


What’s one thing about orthodontics that parents should know, but usually do not, before starting treatment for their kids?
A great smile can work wonders to improve your child’s confidence and self-esteem. Most kids are really excited to have Invisalign, braces or a retainer. I also want parents to know that we make orthodontic treatment affordable, so don’t be afraid of the cost! We work with most insurance carriers and can create a payment plan that fits your budget. We believe orthodontic care should be available to everyone who needs it and try to make obtaining treatment as easy as possible.


What do parents and patients worry about prior to treatment that actually isn’t true?
Everything we do at the office is painless. Orthodontics has come a long way, giving you more treatment options to choose from that deliver pain-free results. Especially with Invisalign, orthodontics is very comfortable. During your appointment or consultation, feel free to ask us any questions to dispel the rumors or myths. We want to alleviate your fears and make sure your child has a positive experience!


What brings you the most joy in life?
I love watching kids grow up and seeing the impact that a straight, healthy smile has on their lives and how it improves their self-esteem. I also enjoy spending time with my own children and cherish the moments when we’re all together. Of course, life wouldn’t be the same without my animals… my dogs and horses bring me so much joy. Sometimes it’s the little things that make us happiest, so I’m grateful for all of the wonderful people and pets in my life. 


Dr. Robin Lozman believes a beautiful smile can change your life. She and her father, Dr. Michael Lozman, provide comprehensive orthodontic treatment for children and adults in Latham, New York. Visit their website or follow Lozman Orthodontics on Facebook or Instagram to learn more about their services and schedule a consultation. You can also get in touch by calling the office at (518) 785-9441.




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