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There has been many local Facebook groups created in order to come together as a community in this very difficult time.  I thought that it would be helpful to put a list together of these groups to help everyone. If you know of any other local Facebook groups with at least 50 members that were formed to support the community during this fight against the coronavirus, please send me a message via Instagram or Facebook.  Thanks!



518 Capital District Moms Bear Hear – click here to join the Facebook group

“You can participate in Capital District Moms Bear Hunt by placing your favorite bear (or stuffed animal) in your window. Please feel free to share a picture of your favorite bear (or stuffed animal) in this group and general location”



518 Great – Spreading Positivity & Kindness – click here to join the Facebook group

“Life’s too short to be mean. Plain and simple, we’ve created this group for members to radiate positivity around the Capital Region… and beyond! Please be kind to one another, and encourage others to spread the love! Post pictures of smiling faces, uplifting stories and more. Things that make the #518great. Thank you for joining the happiest group on Facebook.”



518 healthcare worker support through COVID-19 – click here to join the Facebook group

“Hey everyone. Wanted to create a support group for healthcare workers in our area. The immense amount of pressure, responsibility, and anxiety we are all feeling is so much to handle. I wanted to create a group to help others through this as we are not alone. It’s helpful to hear what’s going on in surrounding hospitals, offices and testing sites. Please add others you feel could benefit from this. RN, LPN, CNAs, aides, medical receptionists.. anyone can apply in the healthcare field for this group.”



518 Masks Group – click here to join the Facebook group

“This is a page for the 518 mask-making community to share information and resources with mask-makers and those healthcare workers, vulnerable persons and elderly needing face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.”



518 Rainbow Hunt – Spreading Rainbows Worldwide – click here to join the Facebook group

“A great fun way to be with family, get outdoors and be socially distant during this 2020 CO-VID19 Outbreak.”



Capital Region Community Kindness Project – click here to join the Facebook group



Emergency Homeschooling in NY – click here to join the Facebook group

“We know that homeschooling was not part of your plan. Your most likely overwhelmed, and lost. This group was founded to help navigate this situation you’ve found yourself in. There are a number of homeschool veterans who have joined to provide suggestions and answer questions you may have. There are a variety of resources being suggested. We also ask that you add in any teachers you may know so that they may offer their guidance. In times of trouble we must come together as community and support each other in any way we can.”


Frontline Friends – click here to join the Facebook group

“This is a group to support our first responders and medical professionals during this pandemic. It is impossible to give proper thanks, but we can send some food!”



Quarantine school resources – click here to join the Facebook group

“A space to share education/activity ideas and resources for those quarantined at home/schools shutdown.”



Social Distance Togetherness & Celebrations – click here to join the Facebook group

“Simply a place where we can celebrate & connect with each other during a time of social distancing. A lot of weddings, birthdays and anniversaries are on hold during this time! Many people are doing drive by visits and parties. Let us also not forget about our seniors and folks who otherwise get home visits that cannot right now! As well as our healthcare workers, delivery drivers, public servants, food service workers, grocery store employees etc! Here you can shout out anyone you want to celebrate and connect with where everyone else can join in!!”



The Tulip Project – click here to join the Facebook group

“Helping to spread positive thoughts and creativity to local nursing homes during COVID19!”

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