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Looking for a fun Easter dessert that the kids will love… and can help with? How about these adorable Bunny Tail Cupcakes? We got together with Andrena from Crazy Confections (out of Stamford, CT) who walked us through what we need to do complete the little masterpieces! Check out the instructions, below!


1 dozen chocolate cupcakes or flavor of your choice
Green decorators icing or your favorite buttercream
Pink buttercream
White fondant or white buttercream
2 Piping bags
Wilton tip #233
Wilton tip #1A
White granulated sugar or Wilton sanding sugar
Glass with a molded circular bottom
Corn starch
Pastry brush or new paint brush


  1. Start by spreading a light covering of your green buttercream on top of the cupcake. This is going to prevent you from seeing the chocolate base of the cupcake through the “grass”
  2. Grab your piping bag with tip #233 and fill with some green buttercream. Start to pipe the “grass” by working from the perimeter in towards the center.
  3. Grab your other piping bag with tip #1A and squeeze a dollop of green buttercream onto the middle of the cupcake. This is going to work as a little mound that will better stabilize the bunny butt.
  4. Take approximately half of a handful of white fondant, push it into the bottom of your already corn starched glass until it becomes somewhat of a semi-circle.This is the bunny butt.
  5. Place the bunny butt on top of your green grass dollop
  6. Take two small pieces of fondant and roll them into ovals. Press down on the lightly with your thumb to flatten them out. You are creating the bunny’s feet. Place them on either side of the bunny butt by using a bit of buttercream as an adhesive.
  7. Using your pink buttercream, add the pads of the bunny’s feet.
  8. Take another small piece of white fondant and roll into a ball. Add a little bit of water and drop it into your sugar. This is your bunny’s tail.
  9. With a bit of buttercream add the tail to the bunny’s butt
  10. ENJOY!

If you’re looking for cookies, cakes or desserts for an upcoming event, contact Andrena with Crazy Confections by emailing [email protected]!

(This post is sponsored by Crazy Confections)



This recipe originally appeared on Stamfordmoms.com

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